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Revealed: Britain’s most expensive streets

Revealed: Britain’s most expensive streets

Kensington Palace Gardens has been crowned Britain’s most expensive street for the 13th year running.

With an average property price of just under £29.9m, the street is well known for its embassies and billionaire residents.

It also counts Kensington Palace, home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, among its neighbours.

In fact, all of the top 10 most expensive streets in the country are in London. 

And all of the 10 most expensive streets outside of London are within commuting distance of the capital too.

There are now a whopping 11,673 streets in Britain where the average home is valued at £1m or more, our Rist List for 2021 shows.

Gráinne Gilmore, head of research at Zoopla, explained: “This data illustrates how the type and size of properties coupled with some of the most desirable locations around the country create prime areas, resulting in some of the most valuable residential streets in the country.” 

What are the 10 most expensive streets in Britain?

While Kensington Palace Gardens was the priciest street for the 13th year running, Courtenay Avenue, on the edge of Hampstead Heath in London’s Highgate, took second place for the third year running. Homes on the road would set you back £19.4m.

It was followed by Grosvenor Crescent in Belgravia, where homes command an average price tag of £17.2m. The street is just a short stroll from Buckingham Palace Gardens.

There were 3 new entrants in the top 10 this year: The Boltons, Frognal Way, and Carlyle Square.

Rank Street Outcode Town/city Average house price
1 Kensington Palace Gardens W8 London £29.9m
2 Courtenay Avenue N6 London £19.4m
3 Grosvenor Crescent SW1X London £17.2m
4 Ilchester Place W14 London £15.2m
5 The Boltons SW10 London £14.2m
6 Manresa Road SW3 London £11.2m
7 Frognal Way NW3 London £11.1m
8 Compton Avenue N6 London £10.2m
9 Cottesmore Gardens W8 London £10m
10 Carlyle Square SW3 London £9.8m

Zoopla, September 2021

What are the 10 most expensive streets outside London?

Titlarks Hill in Ascot, Berkshire, where the average home costs £8.4m, is the most expensive street outside of London, knocking Leatherhead off the top spot.

And Montrose Gardens in Leatherhead, Surrey, located within the exclusive Crown Estate, is the second most expensive place to buy a home outside of the capital.

Meanwhile, 5 of the top 10 most expensive streets outside of London are in Virginia Water, Surrey.

They include Portnall Rise, the third most expensive street outside of the capital.

Rank Street Outcode Town/city County Average house price
1 Titlarks Hill SL5 Ascot Windsor & Maidenhead £8.4m
2 Montrose Gardens KT22 Leatherhead Surrey £7m
3 Portnall Rise GU25 Virginia Water Surrey £6.4m
4 Woodlands Road East GU25 Virginia Water Surrey £6.2m
5 Camp End Road KT13 Weybridge Surrey £6.1m
6 Fulmer Rise SL3 Slough Berkshire £6m
7 Wentworth Drive GU25 Virginia Water Surrey £5.9m
8 North Drive GU25 Virginia Water Surrey £5.7m
9 Pinewood Road GU25 Virginia Water Surrey £5.6m
10 Yaffle Road KT13 Weybridge Surrey £5.5m

Zoopla, September 2021

How many expensive streets are there in your region?

Unsurprisingly, London is home to the highest number of streets where the average property is worth £1m or more.

It is closely followed by the south east, with the east of England coming in third place.

At the other end of the scale, Wales has only 9 streets with homes that cost an average of at least £1m.

Region Number of streets with £1m-plus homes September 2021 Number of streets with £1m-plus homes September 2020 Difference
London 4,544 4,282 262
South east England 4,366 3,424 942
East of England 1,464 1,263 201
South west England 512 334 178
North west England 276 218 58
West Midlands 205 137 68
Scotland 136 101 35
East Midlands 65 58 7
Yorkshire and the Humber 55 39 16
North east England 41 31 10
Wales 9 4 5
Total 11,673 9,891 1,782

Zoopla, September 2021

Which towns have the most million-pound streets?

Guildford took the top spot for the town with the most streets on which homes are valued at an average of £1m or more.

It was followed by other towns within commuting distance of London, including Reading, Sevenoaks and Leatherhead.

Altrincham in Cheshire, an area popular with Premiership footballers, was the only town in a northern region to make it into the top 10.

And it was also the only town in the list not to be within commuting distance of London.

Town Number of streets with £1m-plus homes September 2021 Number of streets with £1m-plus homes September 2020 Difference
Guildford 176 140 36
Reading 137 110 27
Sevenoaks 133 113 20
Leatherhead 127 112 15
Farnham 116 77 39
Harpenden 115 100 15
Altrincham 105 87 18
Maidenhead 100 94 6
Henley-on-Thames 98 89 9
Woking 97 72 25

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