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About Us

About Century 21

Established in 1971 in the US, Century 21 has an unparalleled global network with 110,000 sale professionals in 8,500 offices across 77 countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, United States, France, Spain, Mexico, Guam, the Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Caribbean Islands, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Israel, Nicaragua and Belgium. Century 21 Hong Kong Limited owns "Century 21 ", the world's largest real estate franchising brand in Hong Kong and Macau.

C21 Goodwin International - Your Oversea Property Agent & Consultants

Century 21 Goodwin Property is one of the five most prominent oversea property agents & consultants in Hong Kong. Supported by the mother company, Century21 Goodwin International Property Consultants was conceived in 2018. The remarkable sales performance has taken its business beyond the city to set up its first overseas outpost in the U.K..

Through our alliance with reputed real estate developers around the world, our sales network covers not only the U.K., Canada, Australia, but also the Greater Bay Area, Taiwan, as well as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. We offer our clients quality, professional and full-encompassing sales services, making us a reliable oversea property agent in Hong Kong.

Our Team

Composed of experienced property consultants around the world, not only does our team provide one-on-one professional worldwide property investment counsel, but also customize bespoke real estate investment plans for overseas investors based on their needs, budgets and preferences.

Our range of services also covers legal counsel, tax consultation, mortgage referrals, and lease management, etc.


Manci Man
Manci Man


Manci Man
Co-Owner & Managing Director
Manci Man, Co-Owner & Managing Director of Century 21 Goodwin (International) Property Limited, Real Estate Columnist, and Host of Strategic Investment Program, share practical strategy of real estate investment. 

Graduated with MSc in International Real Estate in 2018, mainly focus on overseas real estate markets in past many years.

With new opportunities brought by new normal of the epidemic, business developing parallelly. On one hand, selling British properties; and on the other hand, dedicated to develop local first-hand and luxury property market in Hong Kong.

About Group Company - Century 21 Goodwin Property

Goodwin Property Consultants was established in 1989. Our first office is based in Tsuen Wan and the second branch in Fo Tan was also set up in 1991. 3 years later, Goodwin Property Consultants acceded Century 21 Group Limited and was granted the sub-franchisor of the brand. And now, we are one of the best overseas real estate agents in Hong Kong.

Since joining Century 21 Group Limited, Century 21 Goodwin Property Property Consultant has been awarded ' The Best Sales Office' consecutively from 1995 to 2020. During the Centurion Awards ceremony held in 2020, we won more than 30 awards and become the grand champ of the Century 21 Group. With the best overseas real estate consultants, our business scope has been expanding to more cities in the world.

Solid Client Base + Super Franchise Network = Explosive Sales Performance

Since its establishment 30 years ago, Century 21 Goodwin Property Consultants has garnered customer loyalty, with a client base reaching over 180,000. To date, our network has been expanded to 23 branches across Hong Kong:

Sha Tin
  • Marketing
  • Yu Chui Court Branch
  • Shatin Luxury Branch
  • Tai Wai Branch
  • CityOne Station Branch
  • CityOne Branch
  • CityOne 2 Branch
Ma On Shan
  • Ma On Shan Town Center Branch
  • Oceanaire Branch
  • Sunshine City Plaza Branch
  • Bayshore Branch
  • ST. BARTHS Branch
  • Double Cove Branch
  • Kam Fung Court Branch
  • La Costa Branch
  • Ocean View Branch
Sai Kung
  • Sai Kung Branch
  • Sai Sha Road Branch
  • CWB Mount Pavilia Branch
  • Silverstrand Branch
  • Fanling Centre Branch
  • Flora Shopping Plaza Branch
  • Dawning Views Branch

Our Service Purpose

Century 21 Goodwin (International) boasts a comprehensive marketing network that includes financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants, lawyers, international marketing agencies, and overseas professional network. 

Legal Counsel Referrals

Property investment is often fraught with rules and restrictions, dependent on the laws of different countries. Thus it is crucial to obtain legal advice from professionals regarding relevant regulations.

Offering an independent lawyer referral service, we work together with the most experienced, trusted professionals in guiding you through the legal jargon and taxation that varies from country to country. These lawyers ensure that clients’ property investment complies with the law and regulations, all the while answering every question clients may have throughout the consultation process.

They can render assistance in the following a Subjects about property sales and purchase.

Tax Consultation Referrals

By collaborating with tax and accounting experts in different local markets, we match our clients with professional accountants who speak their preferred language to handle overseas property investment tax issues. Looking into tax discounts and deductible options, we help clients to maximize their returns.

Mortgage Referral

Based on your demand and needs, we can arrange financial brokers to coordinate with your case, so that you can harness local capital for global asset allocation, thereby maximizing returns from overseas property. Through leveraging mortgage loans, you can reap even greater profits from property investment.

Moreover, we work closely with local banks and mortgage brokers to guarantee the best customized financial plan for you. Based on the case, we will also offer a one-stop service for you to enjoy a hassle-free investment experience.

Property Management

We are devoted to managing and safeguarding your investment to maintain the highest returns. Consistently monitoring and analyzing the leasing market situation, we connect with local property management companies in providing quality lease management services to ensure our clients’ overseas real estate yield the highest returns on investment.

Overseas property management companies whom we work with are well-experienced in dealing with current lease laws. They handle paperwork related to leases, including drafting and preparing property inspection report, bond and lease statement. Possessing vast experience, local property teams deal with issues on property maintenance and tenancy with the highest efficiency to fully safeguard your interests.

Surveyor Referrals

We help our clients identify professional and experienced surveyors in the U.K. to provide property valuation and inspection services to assure them throughout the journey.

Inspection and Handover Services

Based out of the U.K., our team represents clients on-site for property inspection and handover matters regardless of uncompleted or existing properties. Utilizing their expertise in construction and furnishing, the team follows up on defects right away to ensure the properties are in good shape for the official handover.

Our Promises

4B Guarantees for Overseas Property Investment

Be Honest

Be Honest

Deposits will be refunded within the 3-day Fact Check period.

Be Here

Be Here

We promise to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

Best Price

Best Price

No price difference between Hong Kong and the Overseas.

Best service

Best service

Strong professional service and expertise combined with comprehensive quarterly reporting.