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Weirdest and funniest dog names - including Tarmac and Pablo Brummie

Weirdest and funniest dog names - including Tarmac and Pablo Brummie

Choosing a dog’s name is arguably more fun than picking out a baby name - there are so many more options.

Owners can get away with some weird and wonderful names for their pets - such as Doughnut, Welly Boot, Colonel Flurry Bum - which would all be deemed unacceptable names for children.

However, like expecting parents, new dog owners can also opt for more ‘traditional’ names such as Alan, Rodney, Sally or Wendy.

With all this scope, the Blue Cross has put together a list of the funniest and most unusual dog names they have come across at their sites.

The funniest and most unusual dog names, according to the Blue Cross:

Scarlett Pixi Belle
Kara Junior
Little Mo
Stevie G
Peggy Sue
Diggory Van Dogling
Daisy Doo Doo
Bettie Baloo
Lady Ray
Pablo Brummie


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