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Bristol disabled drivers reassured over city centre access

Bristol disabled drivers reassured over city centre access

Disabled drivers have been reassured they will be exempt from a proposed ban on vehicles from one of the main routes through Bristol.

Mayor Marvin Rees announced plans to close Park Street to most vehicles last year but has now said disabled drivers can continue to park there.

It followed complaints from concerned disabled and elderly residents about access to the city centre.

"We are fully committed to having an inclusive city," Mr Rees said.

Stoke Bishop ward member John Goulandris told Bristol City Council that many disabled and elderly residents were "dismayed" by the plans to close retail areas to cars, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

"Obviously the aim is to have improved public transport, which is fantastic, but what the elderly and disabled in my ward are telling me is that they can't access public transport," he said.

'Negative consequences'
Mr Rees said the proposals would not remove access to the street for parking.

However, he would not go as far to promise that blue badge holders would be able to drive up and down the street due to "practical challenges on enforcement".

Under the plans, certain vehicles including motorbikes, bicycles, and taxis would continue to have access.

The consultation on the proposed closure closes on 28 January.

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(24, Jan 2022)

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