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Gordon Ramsay burger restaurant is coming to The Oracle, Reading

Gordon Ramsay burger restaurant is coming to The Oracle, Reading


A Gordon Ramsay burger restaurant is coming to Reading, with a licence application showing plans to open the chain at The Oracle.

Gordon Ramsay Street Burger first launched in London in December 2020 and is now set to come to Reading’s town centre.

The burger restaurant will replace Giraffe, which closed in 2019.

Union Street Café Ltd applied on June 8 to Reading Borough Council (RBC) for a premises licence for Gordon Ramsay Street Burger at Unit R17B Riverside Level, The Oracle.

The company is seeking a licence for:

  • Late Night Refreshment – on & off premises (Monday to Sunday, 11pm-midnight)
  • Sale of Alcohol – on & off premises (Monday to Sunday, 10am-midnight)

Late Night Refreshment is a licence that is needed for establishments which serve hot food or hot drink to the public, on or off the premises, between 11pm and 5am.

There are currently six Street Burger restaurants, with five of them in London and the other in Woking. All burgers at Street Burger are £15, served with seasoned fries and unlimited soft drink.

Burgers on the menu include:

  • OGR burger – Lake District beef and smoked cheese
  • Bae burger – Lake District beef, treacle cured bacon, over easy egg and tomato relish
  • JFC – Jocky’s fried chicken, chilli spiced buttermilk, hash brown
  • Butternut Bhaji Burger – butternut squash and courgette, masala, mango chutney and a mint and coriander yoghurt

The other six Street Burgers that have already opened are in:

  • Woking
  • St Pauls, London
  • Covent Garden, London
  • Charing Cross, London
  • Kensington High Street, London
  • The 02, London

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs and restaurateurs in the world and even hosts his own game show.

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